AEEDC Dubai Kicks off Tomorrow with Participation of 155 Countries

Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition

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For three days starting on Tuesday, the Dubai World Trade Center will play host to the Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition “AEEDC Dubai,” a global event expected to draw approximately 66,000 participants from 155 countries. The event is the ideal platform for doctors, workers, experts and dental specialists to see the latest developments and innovations in the field of ora.

With the presence of Smile Link Laboratories in a renowned pavilion at the Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition “AEEDC Dubai,” it is an excellent opportunity for dentists, specialists in dental care, and dental hygienists to interact and share information. It also symbolizes the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality standards, both technically and otherwise, and standing by the dentist and supplying the latest dental technology as his perfect partner in creating a healthy, natural grin on his patients’ faces. During the AEEDC conference, Smile Link Labs plans to make an announcement about its new loyalty program, which will allow consumers to take advantage of not only the company’s high-quality work but also presents and other perks.

There is little doubt that this is the world’s largest annual dental scientific conference and exhibition. AEEDC Dubai’s twenty-sixth session, held under the tagline “Transfer of Education and Innovation,” features large and prominent dental companies as part of the preservation of its old tradition.

At this exhibition, it is our goal to educate dentists in the UAE and visitors alike about the existence of a state-of-the-art dental laboratory capable of meeting their needs in every aspect of their practice, in a sophisticated environment that includes all of the latest technological advancements, said Rami Qassem, co-founder of Smile Link Laboratories. When it comes to dentistry, distance is no longer an issue thanks to technology like digital dentistry.

Additionally, the dental laboratory is where dental technicians create prosthetics, according to this expert. Despite the fact that dental technicians rarely interact directly with patients except under the direct supervision of a certified dentist, dental technicians work directly with dentists by following detailed written instructions that are sent to the laboratory by dentists. Consequently, dental technicians’ duties are comprehensive and varied.

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