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Al Khawaneej Walk: Unique Entertainment Destination in Dubai

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Al Khawaneej Walk welcomes you with its spacious atmosphere that invites everyone to visit it, as its design is inspired by greenhouses so that the purity of nature harmonizes with the pleasure of shopping.

The mall located in Al Khawaneej is the perfect place for shopping, meeting loved ones, savoring the most delicious flavors and relaxing. The center also includes a supermarket, beauty salons, a gym, a clinic, and all the facilities you want with easy accessibility.

Al Khawaneej Walk is a new shopping center adding a distinctive signature to the city, with a host of entertainment and dining facilities.

The center is inspired by greenhouses as it blends a rural and urban setting. You can enjoy shopping in local stores, dine at great restaurants, work out in the gym provided, or watch the latest movies in the cinema.

Families can also enjoy the best moments of the indoor play area “Kidoz” and “The Arcade” park full of classic games from “Hub Zero”, simulators, virtual reality experiences and more, in addition to a huge windmill with a height of 18 meters.

Al Khawaneej Walk also includes the “Last Exit Al Khawaneej” area, where food trucks offer delicious food to suit all tastes.

The “Al Khawaneej Walk” center in Dubai is an exceptional destination for entertainment and shopping, with a variety of local and international brands, providing multiple options for visitors and residents.

The development of the newest destination in Dubai came within the framework of upgrading the infrastructure that supports the quality of life, as well as providing new entertainment and tourism destinations that enhance the diversity and depth of the tourism sector in the emirate, which has established its position among the most prominent tourist destinations in the world.

The center adds a new distinctive imprint, as it takes into account the architecture inspired by the aesthetics of greenhouses, and the combination of rustic and modern design elements and touches in perfect harmony.

It also provides the visitor with a unique shopping experience, by enjoying shopping in local stores, eating in distinctive restaurants, exercising in the available gym, or watching the latest movies in the cinema hall.

Green spaces at Al Khwaneej Walk

“Al Khawaneej Walk” also includes large indoor and outdoor spaces, and the external area includes green areas, with a lake in the middle, in addition to a huge rural mill, with a length of 18 meters, as well as “Last Exit Al Khawaneej”, one of the most prominent locations of food trucks that suit all tastes in Dubai .

Families can also enjoy the most wonderful times in the indoor play area “Kidoz”, and the “Arcade” park full of classic games from “Hub Zero”, simulators, virtual reality experiences, and other play areas for children and adults.

Distinguished experiences at Al Khawaneej Walk

Al Khawaneej Walk embraces a variety of shops, restaurants and distinct entertainment experiences, suitable for all ages, including the French hypermarket Geant, the American Hospital Clinic, and the «Warehouse Gym», which includes a 25-meter swimming pool, and a section Dedicated to women only, and “Roxy Cinemas”, which includes six screens, including the largest screen of the brand in the country, and “Kidoz” halls and “The Arcade by Hub Zero” closed for entertainment.Volume 0%

Precautionary measures

All entry and exit points are equipped with thermal scanners, to ensure the highest levels of public health and safety. In all the facilities of the destination, hygiene and safety standards set by the Dubai Health Authority are applied, confirming the destination’s commitment to the latest authority’s regulations, in order to ensure a safe experience for visitors and employees alike.

Al Khwaneej Walk Timings

«Al Khawaneej Walk» receives visitors and shoppers from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, from Sunday to Wednesday, and from ten in the morning until midnight, from Thursday to Saturday.

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