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Al Souq Al Kebeer or Grand Market: All You Need to Know

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The Al Souq Al Kabeer or “Grand Market”, located in the heart of Deira, is considered an authentic tourist landmark in the Emirate of Dubai. Dubai Creek has a great economic value that extends for hundreds of years, being an important commercial center for the exchange of goods between the Gulf region and East Asia.

Visiting this market, whose construction dates back more than 150 years ago, constitutes a journey into the past, and a tour through history, which allows the visitor the opportunity to imagine the nature of life in the past in the Emirates, before the urban and civilizational renaissance that prevailed and which transformed Dubai into an aesthetic masterpiece in the form and urban style. And all those looking for originality and authenticity can smell their scent with the scent of incenses, Arabic perfumes and the flavors of Indian spices, which give the place a charming and captivating atmosphere.

Heritage masterpiece

Movement in the market continues throughout the day, as it is crowded with visitors, residents and tourists of various nationalities, whether from those who intend to buy various goods or who have come with the aim of getting to know the ancient tourist sites in Dubai, and the numbers increase, especially with the ease of access to the place and its connection By the “metro” rail, and it provides taxis and other means of transportation.

On a tour by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Foundation Media Center, a number of tourists expressed their admiration for this market, which embodies a beautiful architectural and heritage masterpiece that captivates visitors, while a number of merchants and sellers spoke about the pleasure of buying and selling in the market, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Anna Lina, a Swedish tourist, came to the UAE on a visit with her friend who lives in Al Ain: “It is the first time that I visit Dubai. I loved the United Arab Emirates in general, and I loved Dubai in particular, and I came today from Al Ain in A tourist visit to the Grand Bazaar, which includes many traditional goods, perfumes, spices, and others.

I love incenses

Anna added: “I love the smell of Arabic incense very much, and because I live in China, I am used to seeing different types of spices .. I liked this unique mixture that dyes the large market, resulting from the mixing of incense scents, perfumes and the flavor of Indian spices, as it reflects the originality of the place and the interaction of cultures. on the earth”.

For her part, said her friend Eva Lestrom, a Swedish woman working at Al Ain Airport: “Although I live in the city of Al Ain, which is about an hour and a half away from Dubai, I frequently visit the market, and I have worn it more than 15 times before that. My favorite tourist and economic destination in the Emirates ».

She continued, “I like the market’s architectural style, and its small details that tell the history of the market and its stories. I also like the scent of perfumes and incense that smells from narrow alleys and neighborhoods, and I come to it specially to buy different spices, especially since I cook various foods from world cultures.”

Tourism and shopping Al Souq Al Kabeer/ Grand Market in Dubai

In turn, David Sancho, a Spanish tourist who came to Dubai with his family, said: “I came to Dubai a week ago, and I loved the city very much with all its details. I watch and see this area surrounding the Khor, which is punctuated by the old markets, alleys and traditional goods. I loved the place, and I took care of that mixture between construction, lighting and water, with the presence of old ships, as well as the modern towers and buildings that surround the area. It is a magical place that has no parallel.

In addition, his wife Iris Viarobia expressed her admiration for the city of Dubai and its clear cleanliness, and said: “It is the first time that I visit Dubai. I loved the city in all its details, with its modern high-rise buildings and its old markets, with its wide streets, alleys and small neighborhoods. I liked the Grand Souk very much. And I bought from him old traditional pieces that women put on their heads and put them on the heads of my two young daughters, and they were very happy with them. ”

Shopping center

Despite the large number of shopping centers built in Dubai annually, the old markets remain an important center for tourism and trade, where you find many tourists as well as merchants looking for heritage goods, fabrics, types of incense, spices, foodstuffs and perfumes at low prices and suitable for all.

About this market and the movement, sale and purchase that surrounds it, Muhammad Ali Ghuloom, a salesman in a store called al-Tala ‘, spoke about this market, which he has been working in with his father for nearly twenty years, where they sell spices, saffron, dried fruits and various kinds. Dried fish and shrimp, in addition to natural oils, antiques and accessories, and other different dates and sweets, are accepted by tourists of different nationalities, explaining that foreigners prefer to buy dates and saffron, which are available in different types and prices, as it is available at a price of 25 dirhams, 15 dirhams, and 10 dirhams Per gram of it.

“The movement here in the market is in full swing throughout the day and throughout the year, but with this we find a nearly 3-fold increase in the number of visitors who come to us during the Dubai Shopping Festival, which brings us many tourists from different regions of the world,” he added. “Something we are used to thanks to our experience with the festival and also thanks to our skills in speaking in several languages.”

Various Languages

Speaking of the languages ​​that Muhammad is fluent, he stated that he speaks about 7 international languages, including Arabic, Iranian, Urdu and English, which he is fluent in, as well as some other languages ​​such as German, French and Italian, indicating that not only does he possess the skill of knowledge of languages, but most of those working in the market are as well. And by virtue of their long experience in talking with tourists from different parts of the world, the market is the best school for teaching languages.

In the same context, Noor Muhammad, a salesman in a fabric, antiques and traditional clothing store said: “We sell in this store traditional clothes such as jalabiyas and women’s sheilas, in addition to traditional Emirati clothes such as kandora and ghutra, as well as accessories and antiques, and handicrafts such as table linens and pillows And others, which are goods that attract tourists from different parts of the world, and they accept to buy them, especially since their prices are considered very low compared to what is sold in shopping centers.

Nour pointed out that this commodity attracts the attention of foreign tourists, as German women, in particular, accept the purchase of Moroccan gowns, and tourists such as Russians, Japanese and Italians accept to buy shoes from this market, especially since the goods are good and have very competitive prices. For example, it does not exceed 150 dirhams.

When talking about the Emirate of Dubai, the first thing that will come to our minds is Dubai high towers and urban development that embodies the most beautiful images of urban development in it, but it may be hidden from some that this modern city has a heritage aspect that tells the most beautiful stories of Dubai’s history, and is represented in the historical landmarks in the emirate, including the Dubai Museums. 

It is considered a haven for tourists who love to learn about other cultures, in addition to the popular markets in Dubai, which still preserve their old splendor and heritage. Al Souq Al Kabeer or The Grand Market, Dubai is one of the oldest popular markets in the emirate, which is always full of residents and tourists of the emirate, as it provides the best-varied commodities, including commodities associated with the history of ancient civilizations in the EmiratesIt is divided into the Dubai Grand Souk, the Grand Souk in Deira and the Grand Souk in Bur Dubai. If you are planning to visit the Grand Bazaar in Dubai, here is this article that sheds light on all the information about the Grand Bazaar, Bur Dubai, Deir branch, and Bur Dubai branch.


Al Souq Al Kabeer or The Grand Market is the Emirate of Dubai, one of the oldest popular markets in Dubai, and the Grand Market in Dubai occupies a strategic point on the Dubai Creek between the districts of Deira and Bur Dubai, meaning the Grand Market is divided Dubai Creek into two sub-markets, one of which is the Grand Market in Bur Dubai and the other is the Grand Souq in Bur Deira. Dubai.

Al Souq Al Kabeer or The grand market, Dubai Creek, still retains its elegance that evokes the spirit of the past embodied in the market building, which simulates the designs of old houses in the Emirates , and the large market in Dubai has an important strategic and economic value that made it a commercial center for the exchange of products and goods between the Arab Gulf region and East Asia.

The commodities vary in the supermarket stores in Dubai, which are distributed into two markets, and the prices of the grand market in Dubai are very reasonable compared to the prices of the goods that are sold in the big shops and malls in Dubai , and you can also barter sellers to get the best price.


Shop in the Grand Souq Dubai
The shops in the GRAND MARKET Dubai are varied

Al Souq Al Kabeer or The Grand Market in Deira dates back to the year 1850, and is one of the most important known traditional commercial markets that have been restored and rehabilitated. It is located along the creek, where wooden ships loaded with goods from Africa and the Indian subcontinent left. The Grand Souk in Deira consists of 7 gates that open in the morning and close in the evening, and the souk Al Kabeer markets in Deira Dubai include: 

  • Dark Market
  • Al-Arsa Market
  • Al-Mashir Market (dedicated to selling women’s accessories and old mirrors)
  • Shawls market for selling men’s fabrics
  • Fabric Market and Mkhawir
  • Perfume market
  • Matrah Market (dedicated to selling cushions and pillows)
  • The cookware or metal market for kitchen tools and utensils
  • Al-Saffarin Market
  • Marine tools market
  • Doyat market to sell spices
  • Food and vegetable market

POPULAR COMMODITIES IN Al Souq Al Kabeer or Grand Market

As for talking about the most famous commodities from the supermarket in Dubai Deira, we mention them:


Spices are an essential ingredient in Emirati traditional dishes, so it is a must for you to find spice shops in any of the popular markets in the Emirates. The Al Kabeer market in Dubai is full of spice shops where the finest Iranian saffron is, and the spice shops sell festive sweets and nuts right tonight that are still present to this day.


 If you are looking for souvenir shops in Dubai, you must visit the large Bur Deira Market, where the most beautiful souvenir pieces that represent the emirate of Dubai, and include dolls bearing the name of the emirate, antiques or refrigerator magnets for the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai, including Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab .

Clothes and fabrics

A large market in Dubai is famous for selling ready-made clothes, especially popular clothes for women, which include jalabiyas and makhawir. Fabric shops can also be found, in addition to the abundance of shops that sell hijabs, and some of the big market Dubai provides small pillows that are placed on sofas, including those with traditional designs That match the design of the heritage board .


If you are a fan of classic home decor , Souq Al Kabeer in Bur Deira Dubai provides you with a number of stores that sell distinctive antiques, including them used as distinctive pieces of home accessories . 


The big market in Dubai
The Grand Souk is one of the most popular markets in Dubai

The Grand Souk Bur Dubai was built in the early nineteenth century and has been expanded many times to keep pace with the requirements of the times. The Bur Dubai Grand Market occupies a strategic location as it connects directly with Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai The Grand Souk consists of 12 gates that open in the morning and close in the evening, and it includes several markets, including:

  • Sardana Market
  • The market or Majlis Al Tawashin for the pearl trade
  • Gold market to sell gold and jewelry
  • Clothing market
  • fish market
  • Al Barajeel Market (Air Towers)


  • mosques
  • pharmacy
  • Money exchange shops
  • Food and beverage outlets
  • Public facilities (toilets)

Public parking spaces are available in the Grand Souq in the Deira and Bur Dubai regions.



The Grand Souk Deira is located in the center of Deira, along Baniyas Road.


The large souk, Bur Dubai, is located in the Dubai Creek along Ali Bin Abi Talib Street.

The Grand Market, in its two branches, receives visitors daily from 08:00 am – 10:00 pm.


For more inquiries, you can contact the Dubai Municipality / Urban Heritage Department Dubai Al-Kabeer Market on the following number:

  • 9090 353 04

The Grand Market in Bur Dubai is one of the most important and oldest known markets in Dubai and the region, as it dates back to the early nineteenth century, to form during these long decades the memory of the commercial movement in the emirate, and an important strategic and economic value, which turned it into a commercial center for the exchange of products and goods. Between the Arab Gulf region and East Asia.

The large market, which has been expanded several times, is located along the Dubai Creek, starting from the old customs site, and ending at the Shindagha area, thus forming a prominent tourist and historical site in the emirate through its traditional narrow streets, alleys, and its heritage urban features characterized by the presence of air towers and traditional stucco decorations. .

The market, which still maintains its attractiveness as the vibrant destination that exudes the heritage and authenticity until today, consists of a broad, traditionally covered main axis, and on either side of it were shops built approximately 3.5 meters wide, divided into two parts, the front part which is in the form of a corridor overlooking the corridor The president is for the purpose of displaying, receiving and sitting customers, and the second is for storage.

The grand souk, which is a major destination for tourists, provides the opportunity to enjoy the mysteries of the past and touch the ancient Emirati life by embarking on a unique experience that summarizes the historical monuments and commercial activities of the traditional Dubai markets, which have been expanded and restored many times to embrace major commercial transactions and increase Dubai’s reputation and its great reputation.

The large market in Bur Dubai, which consists of 12 gates that open in the morning and close in the evening, brings together many markets such as the spice and spice market for selling spices and spices, in addition to medicinal herbs available in the country or brought from abroad, in addition to the Al-Mazhar market in which mirrors are sold. Decorated with trees and drawings, the market for clothes and women’s toiletries, the market for ropes and supplications, the souk al-mutrah and the charcoal market, among its most important products are firewood, charcoal and dish papers, and there is also the gold market, and the perfume market, which contains incense, sandalwood and oud.

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