Dubai Hosts Custom Show Emirates for Customized Cars and Motorcycles

Starting next Thursday, the Dubai World Trade Center will host the exhibition

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Starting next Thursday, the Dubai World Trade Center will host the exhibition «Custom Show Emirates 2021» the largest exhibition of modified cars, whether in the United Arab Emirates or neighboring countries that participate in the exhibition annually and is expected to be visited by 30 thousand visitors amid all the precautionary measures after it was stopped last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The exhibition includes a section devoted to classic cars, in addition to American muscle cars that are strongly exhibiting, displaying a wide range of customized products, equipment, and accessories. The exhibition is also a strategic partner for Sima Show in the United States of America. Orbit 3 days

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a number of competitions will be held, including the modified bike competition, the building of engines, the champion of mechanics, the competition for modified cars, the drifting circuit, the show and the remote control cars.

This year’s version appears in a new dress by displaying a large number of cars and their types, in addition to the presence of cars bearing dazzling colors and graphics that attract visitors, and the matter extends to the drawings that affect the engines as well as the display of powerful cars with a design inspired by some famous movies and series, and inside the exhibition there is a dedicated corner For bikes that look like glamorous artifacts, the exhibition will feature trucks, off-road SUVs and classic cars.

The Executive Director and Acting Chairman of the exhibition, Omar Hussain Al-Attar, confirmed that this year’s edition will be the best, due to the participation of government agencies as a strategic partner and as a participant in the exhibition, which are Dubai Police, Civil Defense, Dubai Ambulance, Dubai Media Corporation and Al-Oula Radio, and Dubai Calender.

Al-Attar also unveiled a competition that will be announced for the first time, which is the most powerful modified car, between government and local authorities, and at the level of motorcycles, it is expected to participate in bicycles characterized by a beautiful distinctive design, performance and strong potential.

He added, “In terms of engine competition, there are two events this year, the eight and six cylinders, which start with assembling the engine and then installing it on the car, and then undergoing an examination to determine the number of horses.”

On the participation of electric cars in the exhibition, he said: “Their participation increases every year, and we hope that the number will be suitable to qualify for competitions with fuel cars, and electric trucks will also be present, and there will be a launch of an electric truck serving one of the government agencies.”

He explained that the prizes were doubled 3 times, and that will give an impetus to the participants and competition for the title of “the star of the exhibition”, and there is a competition for the most beautiful car due to the intensity of competition in the exhibition, and since the Corona pandemic has given enough time to equip cars during quarantine periods, anticipation remains master of the situation.

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