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Dubai a Preferred Destination for International Students Seeking School and University Education

25% of international university students attended to study in the emirate of Dubai

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by livelydubai

Private schools in Dubai recorded a 2.6% increase in their student enrollment rates during the period from November 2020 to February this year, according to the periodic report of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

The report, titled “Education for All Classes: Change and Resilience in the Private Education Sector in Dubai,” emphasized Dubai’s strengthening its position as an international and regional preferred destination for teaching and learning in the school and university education sectors.

And he monitored that 25% of the students enrolled in the branches of international universities came from outside the country, to study specifically in Dubai.

The report tracks developments in the private education sector in Dubai, as part of the authority’s initiative to launch quarterly reports aimed at providing information related to this important sector, providing the educational community and those concerned with updates about it, and systematic analyzes of interest to those in charge of the educational process, based on the Dubai government’s attention to data, which are the backbone of Careful planning for the future.

The report highlighted the existence of positive indicators, reflecting the high flexibility that characterizes this important and vital sector, between November of last year and February this year, in terms of the availability of various educational options for parents, and what was accompanied by tangible progress in many indicators of the quality of life of students Private schools in Dubai, during the past year.

Dubai hosts 210 private schools that receive 286,588 male and female students, and 36 branches of international universities in the free zones in the emirate, receiving more than 28,166 students.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Authority, Dr. Abdullah Al-Karam said, “The private school and university education system in Dubai has shown sufficient flexibility to adapt to various circumstances, which has strengthened families’ confidence in the quality of the various educational options available to their sons and daughters, and contributed to providing the opportunity to choose between the distance learning model. Or face-to-face learning for their children, with the confidence that education will be of high quality in both cases. ”

He expressed his appreciation to all those who contributed to the educational process in a regular and safe manner during the school year, including school leaders, teachers, parents and students, which stimulates the continuation of joint work in order to move forward in establishing the foundations of a more flexible educational system that keeps pace with Dubai’s position as an attractive destination for education. And learning, is trusted by educational providers and families. According to the report, 50% of students in private schools in Dubai are currently enrolled in schools that provide hybrid education for their students, which is a mixture between the distance learning and face-to-face learning models, compared to 50% of students enrolled in schools that offer a 100% distance learning model.

The report revealed that the Authority’s Compliance and Responsibility Control team has carried out 20 surprise visits to private schools, every day, since last May, to ensure that schools adhere to the precautionary measures approved by the Dubai government, and the team recorded 93% of them adhering to health and safety measures.

On the other hand, the report stated that the British curriculum is still at the top of the list of the most attractive educational curricula for students with 109,711 students, followed by the Indian curriculum with 75,185 male and female students, and then the American curriculum with 46,976 students.

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