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Dubai Air Quality Improved by 42%

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by livelydubai

Engineer Alia Al Harmoudi, Director of Environment Department at Dubai Municipality, revealed that the results of air quality data from the beginning of 2020 until the end of May in Dubai have showed a remarkable improvement in air quality in general, compared to the first half of 2019.

This comes after the application of precautionary measures to address the pandemic coronavirus, as it witnessed an improvement in air quality by 42%. This has resulted from reducing the average concentrations of nitrogen dioxide by 44%, the average concentrations of sulfur dioxide by 43%, and the average concentrations of carbon monoxide by 38%.

Al Harmoodi told Al Bayan Newspaper that “The air environment in Dubai is monitored through a network of stations consisting of 41 stations, which have European accreditation, as well as the accreditation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Such network has been strengthened with a smart mobile monitoring station, the first of its kind at the level of the Middle East region, in terms of design and quality of monitoring techniques attached to it.”

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