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Celebrities & Rich People Flock to Dubai During Feastive Season

Dubai is shining fund and shopping activities during feastive season

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“The demand for private and business flights to Dubai has reached its peak levels during the present period, coinciding with the Christmas season,” said Ali Al-Naqbi, Chairman and CEO of the Federation of Business and Private Aviation in the Middle East and North Africa (MEPA).

According to Emirates Today, the private aviation building expects 8,088 private flights to be flown in the first half of 2021, a 346 percent increase over the 1,811 flights flown in the first half of 2020.

He said more wealthy and famous people from around the world choose Dubai as a holiday destination each year because they own property there, too. In addition, Dubai is currently hosting and will continue to host a number of upcoming events, including the Expo 2020 in Dubai, the Dubai Sports Conference, and other recreational activities and events.

“Luxury hotels operating in Dubai witness every year, during the festive season, a significant increase in demand for reservations for distinctive suites,” Munther Darwish, CEO of Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel and founder of Palazzo Hospitality, said, citing that “the emirate is a favorite tourist destination for wealthy people and businessmen who prefer to spend the festive season outside their homeland.”

Dubai’s “wonderful winter weather during this period of the year, and Dubai receives the New Year celebrations with many activities, including entertainment events, fireworks displays, art parties, luxurious dinner parties, and other things.”

The average price of a hotel room and the return on available rooms in Dubai in October of last year were the highest since January and February of last year, respectively, while occupancy was the highest since January of 2020, he said, noting that “the levels of tourist flow are increasing,” which he attributed to the latest reports issued by the “STR” Corporation.

According to Darwish, “there is great confidence among tourists from different segments to spend vacations in the Emirates due to the health system and the procedures it follows, along with a strong infrastructure to deal with the developments of the pandemic,” noting that “the UAE has achieved the highest global rates in relation to the special vaccination campaign” (Covid-19).

According to the author, with its wide range of offerings for tourists of all income levels, Dubai is more than just a luxury travel destination for the wealthy: It’s also an excellent option for middle-class travelers.

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