Dubai Trade Center hosts first edition of Metacon for Blockchain games and non-fungible tokens

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The Arena at the Dubai World Trade Center will host on May 28 and 29, the Metacon event, sponsored by Gala, the exhibition dedicated to popular culture, which aims to transform the world of metaverse into a real reality and celebrates the latest technologies specialized in the fields of blockchain technology and games, e-sports, and non-commercial tokens. replaceable, Web3 technology, and more.

Gala Games, which is part of the Web3 gaming platform and is the world’s largest decentralized network of gamers, will show off its most popular games and share news that will interest its growing audience in the region.

In contrast to the traditional events specializing in blockchain technology, the focus of the exhibition Metacon includes games and technologies that showcase the innovations of blockchain technology developers, in addition to a group of the latest available games that will be released soon and that represent a qualitative shift in the concept of monetizing the experiences of gaming, viewing, and online broadcasting.

In addition to the arts, which provides extensive information about the non-fungible symbols in the artistic field and derived from their history, and ways of creating, buying, selling, and participating in various auctions specialized in non-fungible symbols, The event also highlights e-sports that are broadcast over the Internet to showcase the capabilities of a number of the most famous competing gaming teams during their participation in the latest blockchain gaming tournaments, as well as music and entertainment experiences that demonstrate the role of Web3 technology in reshaping the sector, starting with concerts in the world of metaverses and theme parks. Through virtual reality, you can access the huge entertainment possibilities available now and in the future.

The Metacon exhibition program is put together with the help of Gav Capital, an investment company in the United Arab Emirates that focuses on Blockchain games and Web3 technology projects. The four main themes of the exhibition, MetaStage, MetaConnect, MetaArena, and MetaSpaces, each have a wide range of events and activities.

The Metstage event will be held with the participation of some of the most prominent speakers, thought leaders, and innovation leaders in the field of blockchain technologies, including Dr. Marwan Al Zarooni, member of the Global Cryptocurrency Future Council of the World Economic Forum and CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center. Dr. Al Zarooni is a key part of making sure that the UAE is seen as one of the leading countries in the field of blockchain technologies. He also helps to run the Metacon exhibition and strengthen its foundations.

High-profile speakers at the Metastage event also include Jason Brink, Head of Blockchain Division at Gala Games, who is also a leading thinker on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency foresight, and winner of the 2014 Global Development Network Award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for creating an Aiddollar solution based on Blockchain technology, which aims to solve international aid problems. The list of speakers also includes Idris Bey, artist of irreplaceable tokens, and Firas Al-Sadek, co-founder of Ghaf Capital, along with a number of guests whose names will be announced soon.

Esports enthusiasts can watch the region’s first exclusive blockchain gaming tournament, with the Mitarina event hosting the Axi Infinity Championship, a game set in a digital pet world where players can breed, trade, and compete with imaginary creatures called Axe. Twelve of the world’s best teams compete to win the $50,000 cash prize for the tournament.

A number of other tournaments will also be organized, in addition to launching a group of new and distinguished games in their beta version from the Gala Games platform and the Fate of the Eggs game, while the Metaspace event will provide a large group of playing booths that provide an opportunity to explore and try a number of the latest Blockchain games and symbols that are not replaceable, and access to a number of entities and personalities specialized in the world of Metaverse.

Abdulrahman Mohammed, an esports pioneer and member of the Emirates Esports Federation, co-founded Metacon in collaboration with Kyle Chase, CEO of Bid Network and Master Ventures, a cryptocurrency expert and technology entrepreneur, who will also deliver a keynote speech at the MetaStage event.

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