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Dubai Safari Park: Unique Destination for Family Fun and Adventure

A Must-Visit for Families Living in UAE

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Due to a number of factors, including the fact that it maintains environmental standards and wildlife and takes care of the animals’ health and nutrition, Dubai Safari Park is one of the most famous Dubai parks and tourist destinations, as well as one of the top 10 similar parks in the world. This is due to the park’s ability to meet the needs of visitors of all ages, as well as its ability to provide fun and entertainment for visitors of all ages.


An instructive and entertaining experience is provided by the park, which includes both entertainment shows and landscapes that keep people coming back for more.

Squirrel monkeys, a mona guinon (also known as a mongoose), an Arabian wolf, and northern white gibbons will all be making appearances during the park’s upcoming new season. There will also be exciting new interactive presentations and animal encounters like these.

Entry-Level Packages

Tourists can choose from a variety of entrance options at the park, such as a “Safari Plus” ticket, which allows them to visit the park’s “African village,” “explorer town,” “Asian village,” “Arabian Desert Safari,” and the “Children’s Farm.” Additionally, there is a safari excursion to Africa, a children’s farm, a train service, and reserved seats for live shows in the valley region, as well as the African village, the Explorer Village, and the Asian Village.

The “Behind the Scenes” package lets visitors get up close and personal with the animals, as well as learn about their habitat and the methods used to care for them. If you’re interested in photography, you can choose a photographer’s package in the bush, which includes a ticket to the park, a safari tour, and the use of a private vehicle for the length of the trip (the package includes 3 people).

Park Sections

The 119-hectare Dubai safari park has a variety of amenities and attractions for tourists to enjoy, including:

In Adventure Valley, you’ll find yourself in

As the park’s most popular destination for thrill-seekers of all ages, the Valley of Adventure is a place where you can put your body and mind to the test and learn new things about yourself. There are three distinct places within the valley: one for games, another for climbing on walls and networks, and a third for jumping and rope skiing in an atmosphere of breathtaking adventure.

Theater and Public Performances District

Animals found on the safari, such as water foxes, monkeys, and other endangered species, are depicted in a theatrical performance in this area, where the most significant facts about each animal are presented.

It also features a variety of programming about birds, as well as lectures about the most pressing environmental issues and how to find solutions to them.

The Explorer’s Village is the place to be.

Dubai Safari Park’s major draw is the Explorer Village Safari. There are open safaris in Asia and Africa where you may see the creatures that live in the jungles. Zebras, leopards, and water buffalo are just some of the animals that visitors may get up close and personal with when touring the town.

The world’s most renowned creatures

Dubai Safari Park has a unique collection of rare animals from throughout the world, including over 2,500 species of rare animals selected from all over the world. These creatures are well-cared for and housed in the proper climate while also receiving the proper nutrition.

The chimpanzee, the Victoria crowned pigeon, the great flamingo, the Komodo dragon, the spotted hyena, the veiled chameleon, the African tortoise, the black and white collared lemur, the black and white purple url, and the Nicobar pigeon are among the most well-known of these creatures.

Restaurants and cafes make up a significant portion of the neighborhood.

Visitors to the park will be able to dine at some of the most popular eateries in the area. International cuisine, fresh juices, and hot beverages are available at these establishments.

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