Wego: Dubai will be No. 1 tourist destination in the world if travel restrictions are lifted

Last Updated on March 29, 2021 by livelydubai

The executive director of “Wego” company specialized in the sector of travel services and online reservations, Ross Fitch, said that Dubai leads the world in tourist destinations in the options of people wishing to travel and tourism, if the restrictions imposed on international travel due to the “Corona” pandemic are lifted.

Fitch added that once people can travel again, they are immediately ready to travel, according to search results on the company’s website, based on how often they searched for each destination.

He indicated that Dubai came at the top of the list of absolutely desirable destinations for travel, and also topped the desirable destinations for travel during the spring season in particular.

He said, “If we take Saudi Arabia as an example, our data shows that when the Kingdom eased travel restrictions in mid-September and early January, there was an immediate return to travel, which saw an increase in search traffic on our site.”

“Through our website, we see that the first destination people want to visit is Dubai, followed by New York City in the United States,” Fitch continued.

He noted that the new health passports will make travel easier and will be used for more than just flying.

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