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FootLab Launched in Dubai: Technology-Based Football Entertainment Complex

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by livelydubai

The “FootLab” facility, the first integrated sports entertainment complex in the Middle East, debuted in Dubai yesterday. It was opened by Rui Costa, a Portuguese legend, Nasser Al Rahma, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Dubai Sports Council, Khalid Al Zarooni, the Chairman of Dubai Sports City, Ahmed Al Khaja, the CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation, and Hussein Murad, the Managing Director of Footlab Dubai, all of whom were in attendance at the opening. Dubai Sports is a sports organization based in Dubai.

It is housed at Inspiratus Sports and invites soccer lovers of all ages. Dubai continues to dominate the region and the world in sports with the help of “FootLab”, which was founded by “Rui Costa” and has its first international headquarters outside of Europe in Dubai.

As the first sports entertainment city in the Middle East, FootLab is the ideal destination for football lovers of all ages. Visitors football skills can be tested and measured using the newest technology at the Foot Lab. They will receive a complete report on their statistics. Videos of most memorable goals and plays on the field are available on YouTube.

Additionally, volleyball, freestyle football challenges, and other competitive and leisure events will take sports entertainment in the region to a whole new level. “For starters, I am thrilled to be in Dubai, a city that shares my passion for football. ” said Roy Costa on the “Foot Lab” opening in Dubai. “We want to deliver a completely different football experience to all football fans in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East by hosting the first international FootLab” branch outside of Europe in Dubai”. he said.

For his part, Hussain Murad, Managing Director of Foot Lab Dubai, said: “FootLab is the latest destination for athletic entertainment in Dubai and the Middle East. As part of FootLab, we urge football enthusiasts in the UAE to put their skills to the test using the latest international technologies.”

An interesting point is that, thanks to collaborations with world-renowned brands such as Adidas and LG, FootLab gives its customers a huge area dedicated to events, whether birthdays or celebrations of victory. It also offers supporters and spectators a space to hang out. Nasser Aman Al Rahma, the Dubai Sports Council’s Assistant Secretary-General, remarked at the opening of the “Foot Lab” complex.

“The Dubai Sports Council encourages all parties who seek to invest in the sports field, notably academies and talent hunting and development.” Al Rahma said. The Council also supports the use of contemporary technology in sports to improve training and performance. The Dubai Conference and Exhibition will be held in 2022. When it comes to upgrading training methods as well as employing smart devices and programs to measure and evaluate performance as well as enhance the skills of adult and young athletes, the FootLab complex offers a successful model in the field of effective science-based training.

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