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International Athletes Praise Dubai As Best Destination for Training During Covid-19 Lockdown

Dubai chosen as best destination during Covid-19 time

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by livelydubai

International athletes praised the Dubai efforts to confront the Coronavirus (Covid 19), and the methods used in light of the pandemic to preserve the health and safety of community members. Such efforts have helped them prepare better physically than anywhere else in the world, until the sporting activities return to normal, noting that Dubai is a preferred destination for sports training, even during the period of global sports cessation.

Dubai Sports Council said in a statement yesterday: «At the time when the return of sports activities in Dubai was made in accordance with the precautionary instructions, and through the cooperation of the Dubai Sports Council with various governmental institutions and the private sector, Dubai confirmed that it is a leading sports destination, as many international athletes preferred staying in Dubai during the quarantine period that the world has gone through during the past three months. ”

He added, “After the global soccer activity stopped in late March, a number of Chinese soccer teams preferred to be present and trained in Dubai in an atmosphere that provides all preventive precautions, as they stayed and trained in Dubai, as the Frenchman Pierre Gasly, driver of the Alpha Touri Formula 1 team, preferred to stay in Dubai after all sports stopped. ”

The statement explained: «Gasly described his stay in Dubai during the past two months as being better than France in terms of the facilities he obtained for training, as he was able to train extensively, as the hotel in which he stayed provided a place for him and his team with all the training equipment they needed to be able to continue the exercise safely, as he was able to take some exercises at the karting circuit in Dubai Autodrome after easing the lockdown measures. ”

Dubai Offers Best Training

He continued, “Gasly stated that he will miss the times he spent in Dubai when he leaves for his home country with the return of international competitions. He enjoyed a lot of the training and luxury that he had, and stressed that he will definitely return to Dubai again because he admires it so much.”

The council also stated that «Italian golf player Renato Paratore also expressed his happiness of staying in Dubai during the quarantine period that the world lived in the past two months, and even bought an apartment in which he lives in Dubai now. He also praised the efforts of the state in facing the current conditions, and praised the distinguished lifestyle in Dubai, which helped him a lot in continuing his preparations for training in a safe atmosphere by adhering to the full preventive measures while ensuring physical distancing and complete sterilization until the return of sports activity. Dubai is internationally known as a preferred destination for sports tourism, whether for training or attending competitions ».

The statement concluded: «Spanish Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso also confirmed that he prefers to come to Dubai to practice his hobby, which is bicycle sport, and today Dubai has confirmed that it is a favorite destination for sports training even in the period of global sporting activity cessation.»

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