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Seven Reasons to Choose Living in Dubai

Why it is so interesting to live in Dubai?

Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by livelydubai

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates where life is good. Almost 80% of the population is made up of expatriates and we explain to you why it is so interesting to go and live there.

The climate

In Dubai, the weather is nice all year round. When it’s cold in winter in Paris, you can enjoy the idyllic weather and sunbathe on the beach. By setting up your company in Dubai , you can therefore take advantage of the good weather in this emirate.

And although it can get scorching hot in summer – Dubai being located in the middle of a desert – you will enjoy the coolness of the shops, offices and all the closed places in general as they are all air conditioned.


Dubai is an emirate with a very low crime rate which is close to zero. Day and night, you can walk there in complete safety. Even single women will feel right at home in this country.

A cosmopolitan emirate

Dubai welcomed expats from all over the world early on and they even constitute the majority of the country’s population. You will find nationals of almost every country in Dubai. Everyone lives in harmony, alongside the Emiratis who are tolerant and open towards foreigners. This is enough to broaden your horizons and forge new enriching relationships without moving.


Dubai’s taxation is really very interesting. Taxpayers do not pay income tax and corporations are not taxed. That is why it is interesting to set up your offshore company in Dubai .

The entertainment and culture offer

In Dubai, you can just as easily go shopping in the biggest shopping malls in the world as go skiing on artificial snow after admiring sharks in a giant aquarium. So there are many leisure activities that will be particularly suitable for families! Dubai is also a great cultural hub thanks to picturesque Old Dubai and interesting museums like Louvre Abu Dhabi which is nearby.

Stunning architecture

Endless towers and skyscrapers is the postcard image we all have in mind of Dubai. But these fantastic buildings were also designed by the best architects on the planet and it is even possible to take a guided tour with specialists to learn all the secrets.

Proximity to other destinations

For travel enthusiasts, living in Dubai is a real good plan. Located between Europe and Asia, Dubai connects Paris, Istanbul or Bangkok in just a few hours of flight.

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