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Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai urges women to take care of their eye health

Famous ophthalmologists in Dubai urge every woman to make eye health a top priority for her

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Medical studies and scientific research indicate that women are more susceptible to eye diseases than men. That is why the most famous ophthalmologists at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai urge every woman to make eye health a top priority for her, within the basic directions of International Women’s Day.

Dr. Louisa M. Sastri, a specialist in ophthalmology, retina treatment and cataract surgery at the hospital, said that blindness or poor eyesight can disrupt a woman’s life, affecting her ability to work, travel and care for the family. Stressing the need to conduct regular medical examinations.

She believes that the most common eye diseases among women include dry eyes (DED), a visual disorder that is very common among women, and mostly affects eyesight, with several symptoms, such as dry eyes, discomfort, blurred vision and sensitivity to light with age.

She points out that cataracts, a disorder that causes clouding in them and leads to poor vision, is the main cause of vision impairment all over the world, and it is closely related to aging, and it affects especially women more than men, noting that the number of those who undergo cataract surgery In Al-Ain, there are more men than men, despite the limited surgical capabilities in many countries of the world.

There are other common factors that increase common risks to a woman’s eye health, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and cause damage to the area responsible for clarity of vision.

Another major cause of eye problems is diabetes, as complications of which include retinopathy.
About 1/5 of the UAE’s population suffers from diabetes, according to statistics conducted by the International Diabetes Federation, which means that attention to the eyes of diabetic patients is a source of follow-up and increased interest for doctors in the hospital.

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