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UAE and Dubai most in-demand jobs and skills revealed by LinkedIn

Number of available jobs in Dubai is increasing

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At a time when the pandemic affected the global employment movement, in different job categories during the past year, the latest report of LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world, reported an increase in demand for a number of job categories in the UAE.

The “LinkedIn” data in the UAE indicates a high demand for several jobs, including general practitioners, independent digital content workers, professional and personal trainers, and specialists in the financial sector and the business sector in general.

Ali Matar, head of the LinkedIn network in the Middle East and North Africa and emerging markets in Europe and Africa, said: “The (Covid 19) pandemic has caused remarkable changes in corporate activity and work patterns, but it also created new opportunities in several sectors resulting from the eagerness of companies and businesses to adapt. With the pandemic. Jobs for doctors, health care workers, freelance professionals in the digital content field, and finance and business professionals are strong and prominent growth areas, while we are also witnessing a rise in demand in e-commerce, digital marketing and vocational training jobs, as qualified people benefit from their expertise and skills to move into jobs. New”.

He added, “Transformations will continue during 2021, but companies will also continue to look for innovative ways to improve their services, create new job opportunities, enhance their talent pools, and benefit from a wider diversity of skills and competencies in the labor market.”

The “LinkedIn” report identified 15 job categories driving the growth of the labor market in the UAE, which are:

Specialists in the field of medicine

This category saw a growth of 112% in employment, with the demand for nurses and medical personnel generally increasing across the Emirates. The UAE also launched a national volunteer campaign to confront the virus during April 2020, to register the joining of more than 1,000 volunteers within a few days (including retired doctors, students, general doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses). It is noteworthy that the average age of workers in the sector reached 31 years in 2020, and those with a master’s degree or higher education constituted 41% of them.

  • Main Skills: Nursing, Basic Life Support, General Medicine, Patient Safety, Healthcare Management
  • The most important job sites: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
  • Most Wanted: Licensed Nurse, General Practitioner, Physician, Clinical Pharmacist

Freelance workers in the field of digital content

The UAE has approved new work licenses for international freelance workers, with the aim of supporting the local economy during the (Covid 19) pandemic. The rise in online activity, the adoption of digital platforms in various sectors, and the change in consumer behavior led to an increase in the demand for freelancers and a 200% increase in jobs related to digital content, with 25% of those jobs available remotely. Bloggers, YouTube presenters, and podcast hosts took advantage of these new opportunities and began posting their content online. The average age within this job category was 29 years, which is slightly higher than countries such as Brazil and Spain, where the average age was 25 and 26, respectively.

  • Most important skills: YouTube content, blogging, social media marketing, video production
  • Most important job sites: Dubai
  • Most Wanted: Moderator, blogger, YouTube presenter, podcast presenter

Health care support staff

While doctors and nurses worked to combat the (Covid 19) epidemic on the front line, health care support teams such as medical laboratory assistants and clinic directors worked behind the scenes to conduct tests and develop vaccines. For example, institutions such as G42 led clinical trials of vaccines, and researchers worked. The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center will develop an advanced stem cell therapy in August 2020. These efforts and developments have contributed to the increase in the number of healthcare support staff by 129%.

  • Main Skills: Hematology, Infection Control, Microbiology, Laboratory Skills, Clinical Research
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman
  • Most Wanted: Medical Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, Medical Consultant, Clinic Director

E-commerce Jobs

Despite the steady growth of the e-commerce sector in the UAE annually, virtual electronic stores have become the new normal for any small company looking for success and competition, due to the (Covid 19) epidemic, and this explains the continued contribution of virtual store platforms such as «» in The growth of the e-commerce sector in the UAE and attracting new investors, and the average age of employees who work in positions such as e-commerce coordinators and electronic specialists reached 29 years, 66% of them hold bachelor degrees.

  • Key Skills: Digital Marketing, SEO, E-commerce
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai
  • Most Wanted: E-commerce coordinator, e-specialist

Digital Marketing Professionals

In light of the increasing use of the Internet annually, companies moved to benefit from the growing e-commerce activities, as digital marketing jobs witnessed a 71% increase in 2020. Social media platforms showed some of the highest growth rates, and this is explained by the use of social media sites according to the platform. This category was characterized as one of the most balanced employment rates between the sexes, with the employment rate of women to men reaching 51:49, and the largest majority of employees were self-employed or independent professionals.

  • Key Skills: Influencer Marketing, Content Strategies, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Google Ads
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
  • Common Job Titles: Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager

Business development and sales functions

While sectors such as travel, hospitality and retail have been affected, other sectors such as software and technology, which help in digital transformation have witnessed continuous growth in the region, which led to the recruitment of more sales personnel to enhance the benefit from this growth, as business development and sales jobs in the UAE witnessed a 74% increase. %. One potential factor that contributed to this growth was the UAE’s decision to allow foreign investors and entrepreneurs to establish their companies without the need for local shareholders. It is worth noting that 11% of these jobs were performed remotely.

  • Key Skills: Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Lead Attraction, Team Management, Sales Management
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman
  • Most Wanted: Business Development Specialist, Business Development Assistant, Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales Team

Personal and professional trainers

Due to the impact of many jobs in different sectors, many professionals changed their career paths to become personal trainers and professionals, which led to a growth of 207% in these jobs compared to 2019, and women occupied 61% of these jobs, and the vast majority of those who Self-employed.

  • Key skills: Life coaching, executive coaching
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai
  • Most Wanted: Life Coach, Leadership Skills Trainer

Professionals in the creative sector

The UAE is known as a strong creative hub in the region, with diverse talents from the Middle East and North Africa region. To keep creative sectors active during the pandemic, the UAE has provided incentives and other forms of financial support. Our data showed a high demand for freelance writers and video producers in 2020, as more companies are looking to boost their digital presence through high-quality content.

  • Top Skills: Video Production, Writing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography
  • Most prominent job sites: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Most Wanted: Writer, video producer, stylist, art consultant, illustrator

Education jobs

Teaching jobs recorded an increase of 72% in 2020, and the demand for teaching assistants in universities was high. 67% of the employees recruited into this category were women, with an average age of 27 years.

  • Most prominent skills: leadership in the educational sector, curriculum development, design of educational systems, special education, teaching English as a second language
  • Most prominent job sites: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah
  • Most Wanted: Teacher assistant, high school teacher, second language English teacher, professional consultant, curriculum developer

Language Jobs

This category of jobs increased 134% in 2020 compared to 2019, and medical interpreters and English language teachers were among those who moved into the role of translator. It should be noted that 56% of those hired as a translator were females and the average age was 29 years.

  • Most prominent skills: translation, proofreading and legal translation
  • The most prominent recruitment locations: Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Most wanted: a translator

General jobs in the business sector

With many companies adjusting their business plans to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer needs, the roles related to business sectors in general increased in 2020. Many of these job vacancies were for senior management positions, which explains the average age of the appointees, which reached 37 years, carrying 53 % Of them have a master’s degree or higher, and 26% of them are female.

  • Key Skills: Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Leadership and Team Management
  • The most prominent recruitment sites: Dubai
  • Most Wanted: Managing Partner, Communications Manager, Head of Compliance, Director of Organizational Development, Strategic Partner


The UAE is rapidly transforming into a global center for technology and innovation, as technology jobs grew by 61% in 2020, and it is interesting that a large share of technology roles, such as technical director and interface developer, were in an independent or autonomous work system. It should be noted that 78% of the total appointments in 2020 were for males, with an average age of 30 years.

  • Key Skills: Interactive web design, JavaScript, user experience design, SASS, web development, and user interface design
  • Leading recruitment sites: Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Most Wanted: Web developer, interface developer, user interface designer, product design consultant, cybersecurity analyst

Specialized engineering jobs

Engineering is one of the job categories unaffected by the pandemic, which has shown a steady increase in demand over the past few years. In 2020, the demand for the engineering category increased by 72%, and as a job category that attracts more males than females, it stands to reason that 86% of all hires in 2020 were males.

  • Top skills: biomedical engineering, deep learning, sound engineering, and marine engineering
  • The most prominent recruitment sites: Dubai
  • Most requested: Biomedical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Materials Engineer, Sound Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

Jobs in the finance sector

In light of the global economy and financial markets affected by the repercussions of the pandemic, the demand for expertise in the finance sector increased in 2020, as this category witnessed a growth of 63%, and 41% of those appointed were female.

  • Key Skills: Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Portfolio Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Stock Trading
  • The most prominent recruitment locations: Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Common Job Titles: Corporate Finance Manager, Finance Business Partner, Stock Trader

News and electronic press

At the start of the pandemic, print media distribution in the UAE was suspended to contain the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, the acceleration of events related to the (Covid 19) virus has led to a high demand for news and related information, thus increasing the demand for electronic media, resulting in a 58% increase in appointments in the field of news and journalism.

  • Key Skills: Editing, Journalism and Television
  • Leading recruitment sites: Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Most Wanted: Editor, Journalist, TV Producer

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