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Naif Police Station in Dubai responds to emergencies in 2 minutes and 7 seconds

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His Excellency Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansoori, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs in Dubai, confirmed that in recent years, Naif Police Station has witnessed qualitative shifts in the level of performance in all security, criminal, administrative and traffic fields, and has become a police school and a model that the Dubai Police General Command is proud of. And that the period of closure due to the pandemic in the year 2020 posed a great challenge to the center, but it has proven through its achievements, performance and results, the extent of its development and its ability to extend security control, deal with crises and achieve the strategic goals of Dubai Police.

Major General Khalil Al Mansoori said: The results and multiple achievements, most notably the achievement of 2.7 minutes in response time in emergency situations in 2020 from the center’s target, which is set at 4.95 minutes, showed the strength of the police performance of police stations and the extent of Dubai Police’s keenness to enhance security, safety and happiness of the residents. And providing security services that meet the needs of the public according to the highest standards and practices, and we are proud of the progress of the center day after day through its implementation of various security and administrative programs that are commensurate with the importance of its specialization area, which includes commercial, tourist and residential areas, the gold market, Murshid Market, Al-Nakhil, Frij Al-Marar, District Eyal Nasser, and Al Ras district, in addition to many government departments, government facilities, and metro stations.

This came during Major General Al-Mansouri’s inspection of the Nayef Police Station as part of the annual inspection program on public departments and police stations, in the presence of Brigadier General Dr. Tariq Muhammad Nur Tahlak, Director of Nayef Police Station, and his deputy Colonel Omar Ashour, Colonel Khaled bin Suleiman, Director of the Control and Inspection Department, and Colonel Omar Ghanem Al-Ghaith, Head of the Environmental Management System, Health and Public Safety Department, General Department of Logistical Support, and Lt. Col. Saleh Al-Marzouqi, Director of the Office of the Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, and a number of officers.


His Excellency the Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, during his tour, was briefed on the results related to the center and the statistics of the Traffic and Criminal Registration Department during the year 2020, which included statistics of accident reports, traffic and criminal reports, and traffic offenses, as the issues of concern known in the center reached 97% and the target was 95.6%, as Umniah programs contributed Multiple deaths in exceeding the target and achieving a high number, and no deaths were recorded due to traffic accidents, so that the death rate of traffic accidents per 100,000 inhabitants of the jurisdiction reached 0%, and analytical studies and awareness campaigns contributed to achieving this percentage.


Major General Al-Mansouri also reviewed the indicator of the speed of response to emergency and non-emergency cases, as the center achieved 2.7 minutes out of 4.95, which is the target percentage for reaching emergency cases, while the center achieved 6.32 minutes out of 7 minutes targeted for non-emergency cases, and the rate of 100% in cases of the duty officer present at the site. Important communications and the security coverage in the jurisdiction reached 98%, compared to the year 2019, which recorded a rate of 93.79%.

Career happiness

On the administrative side, Major General Al Mansouri was briefed on the achievements of the Administrative Affairs Department, as the center achieved an increase in the rate of job happiness to reach 96.2%, where the target was 95%, through programs and initiatives adopted by the center, most notably the approved happiness packages, the Nujoom initiative, the incentive and honoring mechanism, and the meeting Direct staff with weekly competitions and other programs. The center also motivated and honored 346 employees during the year 2020 and achieved the target percentage of recognition, which is 99%. The center also trained 139 employees and enrolled them in various specialized courses that are commensurate with the tasks assigned to them.


The center also reviewed many achievements in the year 2020, including first place in the indicator of communicating with victims 2020, achieving zero% in files without a face of the total files referred to the prosecution and reducing the disturbing reports during the last 10 years, and the center reviewed the best practices implemented by the center in its security work. As well as the practices that were implemented during the Corona pandemic, including the smart helmet, security collars, police dogs, drones, bicycle teams, sterilization gate, and cavalry police, as well as future projects that have been studied with the aim of applying them in the center in the coming years.

During a tour that included the Security Patrols Department, the General Duty Department, the Investigation Department, the Files Study Division, the Barracks and the Detention Department, Major General Al-Mansouri praised the level of discipline and performance at the center, extending his thanks and appreciation for their tremendous efforts in implementing field security plans, and performing the tasks entrusted to them to the fullest.

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